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The Catch 04:15


Can you replace the text on Bandcamp for ‘the Catch’ with this please...

What a day, she says as we cruise the curb along the sea front.

You can see for miles and miles, you say as you look out... There’s no horizon today. The blue stretches up until your eyes can’t take the sun’s scorching rays.

Your arm hanging on the side of the jeep comfortably toasts as you pat the side to the beat of the stereo.

New tape, new sounds, new day.

The excitement builds as you get closer to the beach, and the thrill of your friends being there fills you. Food, drinks, hot jocks never getting tired of running and flexing all day. What could be better?

The vehicle parks with a jolt and you land on the paved parking area without even knowing. It’s hot, so you trot along with the beer and the beach ball and stop where the sand meets the sidewalk, soaking up the scene that you’d only dreamed of during your exams.

The sand tingles your feet and in-between your toes, sending sparks of electricity up your spine. Your skimpy bathing suit, smooth and tight, wraps your warm toned body and eyes doing all they can to slide in underneath.

Into a jog you catch up with your friends heading for the middle of the beach, heading for the action.

Someone celebrates by splitting open a cream soda and letting it spray its sweet ice cream scent into the air, crystal flecks landing on your shoulders. Hoots and hollers announce your arrival and the mingling of college friends commences.

Patting and petting all around you ditch your stuff, with the nerdy driver who’s setting up the blanket and parasol, you head for the BBQ. The dogs are hot, popping and sizzling, and so are the young people who hang in anticipation. Or are they there because of you?

The hot star above, the hot star on show. Nothing but smiling, wrestling, clapping, laughing. It’s all happening! And your at the centre.

What a day! You grab your hotdog and help yourself to condiments and fried onions. Easy on the sauce, this profile is staying on course for coolness.

Back to guys who are eating, drinking, and dancing about the Boombox that is jamming toast from west to east coast! This is one hell of a mixtape, your best yet.

Wait, there he is... the guy all the girls want, the quarterback. He’s throwing the ball all bronzed and buffed up like your grandmothers brass. Nice ass... He’s dreamy but so thinks everyone else. There’s already a flock of gulls around him, all admiration and perspiration. Time to swoop.

Look at his quick throwing motion with the backdrop of the ocean...

You check your compact, moisten the lips, snap get up and head in his direction with full intention. You never wanted to be a cheerleader or a prom queen but damn you are breaking necks as you glide to his side.

The nervousness you try to hide as you nonchalantly wave behind you to the crew that wolf-whistle. Out of the corner of his eye he see’s you advance. The ball sails away and crashes through a small party, shout’s of protest carried with the breeze.

In slow motion he pivots and you stop... Eye to eye, toe to toe, and nose to nose. He says something, was it “Hi”? And did you say something back?

Those around you begin to disappear, one by one until there is no one else. Two people stand in the middle of the beach with nothing but breeze, trees, and the sea.

You both turn and head for water. His arm rests across your shoulder, it feels strong. You put your arm around his waist, it feels lean. How you could just roll around and feel how tough he is.

Going back with the guy hand in hand, each friend reappears and gives you the look. You grab a drink to share and lie side by side on warm sand. The music, the laughter, the sun setting, all help build the courage for the first kiss... He tastes as good as candy, and his careful hand movements smooth all the right places.

But as the light begins to fade the parties die-down, there are other parties and places to explore. The BBQ is nothing but an ember, this day was one to remember, and the Soft Rock sounds have been left to play on with the breeze rolling through your hair. Just how Def Leopard would’ve wanted.

You’ve kissed and giggled and talked all evening but your ride home has honked for the last time. You must leave him there, laying on his stomach on the sand propped on his elbows. You wave, blow one last kiss, and begin to jog to the jeep.

Wait! He runs and catches up with you. That kiss just keeps gets better.

You’re left breathless as you look into his deep blue eyes, where the skies have fled to. Then you begin to feel sad, your heart aches for you know the day, this special day, is almost over. He senses this...

“You do know there’s a catch?”
“Yeah. Today is tomorrow and tomorrow is forever. Be there.”

You already are.


released August 21, 2020

@Music arranged & written by Billy Mays Band & Ace Buchannon


@Produced, mixed and mastered by Dimitri Guindet & Kevin Mascaut at Yoshinen Studio, Strasbourg (FR)

@Cover, artwork by Atomcyber

@Community Manager & Publicist : Darren deToni


all rights reserved



Lazerdiscs Records Marseille, France

2016 sees the birth of LAZERDISCS RECORDS managed by 2 founders of Drive Radio. The label is focused on promising and emerging music styles such as synthwave, retrowave, outrun, futuresynth, neodisco, and slow-mo techno. Based in France, Lazerdiscs has decided to open worldwide with the support of fantastic artists like Absolute Valentine, Niky Nine, Robert Parker and many more ... ... more

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